A Collaboration Out of this World!

Here to help celebrate Carvel’s 85th Birthday, it’s Cookie Puss® the Beer. Inspired by Carvel’s iconic character cake, the Cookie Puss Milkshake IPA is brewed with lots of Carvel’s legendary vanilla ice cream, giving it a full bodied texture and rich flavor befitting its storied name.

Cookie O'Puss Birthday Beer Can

Cookie Puss Birthday Beer

Inspired by Carvel fresh vanilla ice cream and the iconic Cookie Puss cake, this milkshake IPA is brewed with Carvel vanilla and milk sugar. It has a rich and smooth, creamy vanilla flavor that will make craft beer and ice cream fans rejoice!

Milkshake IPA

7.5% ABV


Find The Beer

Cookie Puss Birthday Beer is available in the State of NY.

Find A Carvel

Order a Cookie Puss Cake for your next Birthday Party!

Cookie Puss Cake vector

Who is Cookie Puss®?

Name: Cookie Puss

Alias: Celestial Person – C.P.

Born: September 23, 1972

Birthplace: Planet Birthday

Favorite Flavor: Yes

Favorite Holiday: All of Them

Cookie Puss has a long, storied history with Carvel®. Cookie Puss was born on the Planet Birthday and came to Earth to spread birthday cheer. Old television commercials show Cookie Puss flying through space in his saucer-shaped UFO. The television advertisements speak of him being an alien but very friendly. Even with all the tabloid reports, it is possible that Mr. Puss was developed by Carvel to look like Carvel’s founder Tom Carvel.